St. Martin Secondary School Mpigi

Our Story

The School began in 1952 as a Primary School for the girl child by the Catholic Church to give formal Primary Education and Catechesis instruction as it were;

In 1986 after the Civil War in Uganda, parents in the community, began agitating for a secondary school to enable their grown-up youth receive secondary education as it was highly desired.

In 1987, the two existing primary schools (boys’ school and girls’ school) were merged. Consequently, the sitting Catholic Parish Priest of Mpigi Parish together with the Parish Executives developed the idea of establishing a secondary school in the local community to educate the increasing youths that were completing primary education but had no opportunity to get secondary formal education despite the great need. Thus St. Martin Secondary School was established in the former Girls Primary School.

To produce Upright, Self-reliant and Compassionate Godly Citizens Rooted in Catholic Values.
To be a Self-reliant Quality School with Mutual Concern for one another.
core values
Excellence, Hard work, Transparency, Integrity, Time Management & Mercifulness